Can Proxy Compresses Response Contents and Send it to Users

Farhad Soltani farhad at
Sat Jul 9 13:13:12 BST 2005

Dear Jon,
Thank you very much. But I need a server that it compresses texts and/or
pics for all users. When they send a request to Internet this server works
like a cache and sends all response (compressed) to users. Internet explorer
can browses compressed http1.1.

Best Regards
Farhad Soltani

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This already happens to some extent.

A modern browser and suitably configured server (and this is the  
catch) may already compress http though I don't know of any proxies  
that might do the compression on content where the real server hasn't.

In addition dialup modems do compression.

There is no standard way of compressing ftp though most things sent  
over ftp are compressed anyway.

There's not much you can do about the general latency and performance  
of dial-up beyond disabling images then complaining to the european  
company that the website is unusable for the disabled.

One interesting solution being worked on by a friend for Africa is  
here. It cuts out much of the crap from websites.


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