Gary bsdmail at project415.org
Fri Jul 1 10:05:17 BST 2005


That seems to be the easy way. To get my wireless card working (Prism 
54g variant) was a lot messier.

However, the last i fiddled with it, there was not much going for it.

On another note, the FreeBSD boxen I have are jailed instances (no X). 
This works brillianty. I will attempt to upgrade my notebook, Dell 
Inspiron 5160 to 6.


Edd Barrett wrote:
> Hi Ive been lingering on your list for a while. But never posted. So
> hello.
> I just got my new laptop and installed OpenBSD on it, and then I find
> it's ACPI only power mgmnt. :(. ACPI is heavily in the works for OBSD,
> so Ive installed FBSD 5.4 and I'm trying to work out the deal with the
> iwi driver. Theres a port for firmware and this ->
> http://damien.bergamini.free.fr/ipw/iwi-freebsd.html. This is a bit
> dirty I feel. There has to be a better way.
> Thoughts anyone.
> On 7/1/2005, "Gary" <bsdmail at project415.org> wrote:
>>Anyone else upgraded to 5.4?
>>I am currently running a very stable 5.3 system. Any advantages in
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