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Fri Jul 1 09:59:38 BST 2005

On Friday 01 July 2005 09:51, Edd Barrett wrote:
> Hi Ive been lingering on your list for a while. But never posted. So
> hello.
> I just got my new laptop and installed OpenBSD on it, and then I find
> it's ACPI only power mgmnt. :(. ACPI is heavily in the works for
> OBSD, so Ive installed FBSD 5.4 and I'm trying to work out the deal
> with the iwi driver. Theres a port for firmware and this ->
> http://damien.bergamini.free.fr/ipw/iwi-freebsd.html. This is a bit
> dirty I feel. There has to be a better way.

Sadly not. From the OpenBSD iwi(4) manual page:

     The driver needs some firmware files, which are loaded on
     demand when the device is attached:


     These firmware files are not free because Intel refuses to grant
     distribution rights without contractual obligations.  As a result,
     even though OpenBSD includes the driver, the firmware files cannot
     be included and users have to find these files on their own. The
     official person to state your views to about this issue is
     peter.engelbrecht at intel.com at (858) 391 1857.

> Thoughts anyone.
> On 7/1/2005, "Gary" <bsdmail at project415.org> wrote:
> >Hello
> >
> >Anyone else upgraded to 5.4?
> >I am currently running a very stable 5.3 system. Any advantages in
> >upgrading?
> >
> >-Gary
> >
> >
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