FreeBSD on the Desktop (Was iBook THIS THREAD MUST DIE NOW)

Frank Shute frank at
Wed Jan 12 05:48:38 GMT 2005

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On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 12:08:54AM +0000, Jon Mercer wrote:
> =A3399... Any one any real experience of FreeBSD on G4??? :-)

=A3319 for the bargain basement version with educational discount
of =A320 ... got to be seriously tempting :)

I'd have enough room to run OSX and maybe NetBSD - I get the impression
there's more going on for ppc over there:

I can't imagine it would take them long to port it to this device.

I've noticed that the price of my hardware has gone down significantly
over the years:

486			=A31200
300MHz Celeron		=A3600
Mini Mac?		=A3320

A 64-bit machine for under =A3320, I can't turn that down can I? Use the
Celeron for legacy Windows apps and I'm set for 6+ yrs with maybe a bigger
disk and more memory at some stage.

I'd hate to move from FreeBSD for my workstation but I wouldn't mind
moving to the Power architecture.

This also looks like the sort of thing I could recommend to
family/friends, prior to this they moaned about the cost of Mac
hardware when I suggested a Mac.

Anyway, I'm impressed with Apple producing such a, IMO, good value
product. I reckon it will be a success (even though Apple shares have
apparently slumped on the news).

[off to get my pink shirt]




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