FreeBSD on the Desktop (Was iBook THIS THREAD MUST DIE NOW)

Simon Dick simond at
Fri Jan 7 17:26:39 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 17:02 +0000, James wrote:
> Gerald Davies wrote:
> > not neccessarily, depends what distro and what you install.  its about
> > choice more than anything.  i do agree with you though that some of
> > the distros seem bloaty now.
> I had a play with Yarrow before Christmas, and 'bloaty' is like saying 
> that Rik Waller likes the occasional chip butty.  Slackware was 
> downright inpenetrable, but I suspect that I'm happy with knowing five 
> different HD partitioning systems.  I'm technically minded, but not 
> masochistic.  And they've yet to produce 'Trivial Pursuit: *nix edition'.
> > your avg person isn't going to like fbsd IMHO.  
> The point is that nobody has a clue what the average computer user 
> actually is.  I support friend's machines who run the gamut from gaming 
> through to making something loosely described as music.  Even Microsoft 
> makes howling errors like an annoying paperclip and 'user-friendly' has 
> never been a synonym for 'patronising'.  I'll probably take lives if I 
> ever have to use another piece of scanner-bundled software.
> I've been wondering for the past couple of years about creating a 'base' 
> FreeBSD distro that automatically installs a given subset of software 
> (roughly modelled on XP.  Don't hate me.) and asks simple configuration 
> questions.  Admittedly I'm insanely happy with current methods of doing 
> it, but I'm sure that something like that could work well.

FreeSBIE has something like that and is CD based with a HD install
option, could be worth trying.

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