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Fri Jan 7 14:25:48 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 05:13:12PM +0000, Paul Robinson wrote:
> > That would make me a bit nervous. There isn't some cron jobs running
> > that are interfering with things?
> Not sure. My main problem here was with a tool called BluePhoneElite
> which does lots of spiffy things with my phone. Kill it, you expect it
> dead. It doesn't show up in ps aux, but OS X says you can't delete it
> because it's still running... 30 seconds later... oh! look!
> Yeah. It's beta code. It needs looking at. Looks like an interesting bug
> in its code rather than OS X itself if I'm being fair. Even so, if I
> kill -9 something, unless it's being monitored, I don't expect the OS to
> let some part of it go "no! no! I want to come back!" which is the
> perception I got from this particular code.

Maybe it's not a bug in the code but an OS feature. Eg. something similar to
daemontools - relaunches a daemon should it die (amongst other

$ man tcpserver

will tell you if you've got daemontools installed. (Would have thought
it unlikely though).

> > That is all I've been hearing but then I haven't heard from any
> > FreeBSD users who have poked around with one in anger, hence your review
> > is very interesting.
> Well, I plan on doing a proper write-up review in a few weeks and
> sending it somewhere for publication, so keep an eye out. :-) I'll put a
> synopsis up somewhere on the web as well and post a quick link here.

Excellent! Look forward to reading it.

> > If I think about this FreeBSD workstation, it was pretty unusable when
> > I first installed. Lot of time first spent copying over dotfiles,
> > installing and configuring various ports: 333 last count ... I've got
> > a feeling I might die or something when it reaches 666 ...
> Yeah, I know, and I suppose this didn't take as much setting up for me
> to start feeling comfortable. I have to conceed that.

I'd never get myself comfortable without the ports collection, I
think. It's generally such a painless way of managing software.

> > Nonsense! If I'd made her learn Emacs then I would have been left out
> > of her will and probably entirely disowned by the family, but since I
> > made her learn vim I fully expect to receive her entire estate on her
> > demise. w00t!  :-) 
> Good point. A man after my own heart...
> > > My problem is that I don't really want it as a unix machine. 
> > 
> > Are you /sure/ about that statement Paul? ;)
> No. :-)
> > I'm sure once you find work arounds to the niggles it will be OK. At
> > least you haven't got all the spyware, trojans and all the rest of it
> > to deal with.
> I didn't have that with FreeBSD either...

It's sad to see somebody publicly pining for their FreeBSD system ;)

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