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Just picking on random items.

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 09:24:17PM +0000, Paul Robinson wrote:
> * Compiling? Oh yes, even once you have installed Apple's X11 you're
>   going to need to let tools like fink compile their own version just to
>   complete a package dependancy list...
> * And you'll find tools that are out of date too. Ruby was 1.6.8 ... no,
>   really, it really was the Christmas release from 2002

You might want to try NetBSD's pkgsrc, instead of fink.  It's their
equivalent of the ports tree, but it's cross-platform.

> * Just because something looks right in /etc and OS X put it there,
>   doesn't mean that's what is being used or that OS X isn't hiding
>   something from you

Really, that's no different from someone who doesn't understand YP/NIS,
doing 'cat /etc/passwd' on a box that's a client, and going "Where did
all my accounts go?"

> * Xcode needs to be installed to do half the stuff you or I would want
>   to do. The default install is crap - you need more than the default

Sounds like FreeBSD...

> * Just because you have Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real
>   installed, don't expect to actually play about 40% of the content out
>   there.

Sounds like FreeBSD...


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