James James at reftech.co.uk
Tue Jan 4 17:14:31 GMT 2005

> I should clarify an earlier point I made - Apple users generally tend to
> be an absolute PITA about their computers. Imagine Linux kiddies, but
> ten times worse and without the technical nous. I can't stand the fact
> that Apple kit, despite having *many* flaws, is talked about with
> reverence as if it is something more than metal and silicon and 1s & 0s.

It's a sweeping generalisation, Paul.  I frequently end up in arguments 
about ideological positions rather than the merits of platforms mainly 
because people don't know what they're going on about.  This is a 
reflection on the individual people rather than the companies or their 
products.  Similar things can be seen in any emotive arena; I speak from 
experience with UFO believers and abductees that are unwilling to accept 
the possibility of a mundane explanation because they're invested in a 
worldview.  I got out of that field after realising that some people are 
just nuts.

With regards to pricing, Sony are similar to Apple in their pricing 
structure and shenanigans, but you can see why if you assume that both 
companies are trying to create vendor lockin for the foreseeable future, 
similar to the positioning of Microsoft with regard to 'Secure' 
computing and DRM.  Across the board, the new attitude is to hold onto 
your customers as hard as you can without doing anything meaningful for 

As for PITA users, don't waste your breath.  If they don't know the 
flaws, then they've never come across them and probably won't in the future.

PS  Jon, not to sound like a cock, but that's an extensive ASCII banner 
you have there.

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