Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue Jan 4 16:58:49 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 12:16:06PM +0000, Gerald Davies wrote:

> the ibook must be coming to the end of its life, unless of course
> they're moulding the ibook into the powerbook and so on.

In October they pushed CPUs up in speed. They'll be around for at least
another year or three yet. They might push them upto G5 in 12 months
time and put them into a smaller package, but otherwise, I don't think
they're likely to be discontinued anytime soon.

Right now, if you had a choice between an iBook with bluetooth added on,
or a Powerbook, you'd be paying about 100-300 quid more for the latter
being a Powerbook, and not much else. iBooks are a smart buy right now, 
if you want to get a portable Apple.

However, G4 Powerbooks are about to hit eBay big time, because...

> there has to be a speed-bump due for the powerbook (unless there
> already has been one?) as the cost/speed benefit between with the 12"
> ibook and the 12" powebook looks a little odd.  okay, the graphics
> chipset might be different, but still.

... yeah, G5 Powerbooks are being predicted soon. Some think Mac Expo in
a fortnight, others reckon they'll wait till Tiger releases later this
year. Either way, G5 Powerbooks are not a million miles away. You would
be foolish to buy a Powerbook right now.

Of course, this is part of the frustration of buying Apple kit - they
keep their release plans secret to deplete stock piles at full price,
then the kit you've just bought effectively becomes worth half the price
you paid for it three weeks later due to heavy depreciation on the
second hand market. Quite frankly, it's all rather silly. But part of
"Apple tradition". Thankfully, release cycles are quite predictable and
you can monitor them on various Mac "rumour" sites.

I should clarify an earlier point I made - Apple users generally tend to
be an absolute PITA about their computers. Imagine Linux kiddies, but
ten times worse and without the technical nous. I can't stand the fact
that Apple kit, despite having *many* flaws, is talked about with
reverence as if it is something more than metal and silicon and 1s & 0s.

The fact that so many BSD guys are jumping ship to OS X saddens me, but
then perhaps it will help refocus efforts on making FreeBSD a kick-ass
server OS. Lifestyle choice, it aint.

It's about the computing, stupid.

Ho-hum. Perhaps I'm just being a cock. Almost certainly. Anyway,
criticism is far more useful than praise in my opinion, providing it's

Paul Robinson

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