Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Tue Jan 4 13:28:58 GMT 2005

> collection. Unlike Mac, where to run OOo you need to set up X11 to run.

Umm, not sure what OOo is either - am going to make an educated guess
that it's OpenOffice.org though ? [I googled :-)]

> Fink is a toolchain comprised mainly of GNU apps for Mac, so if you want
> something like Gimp or Scribus you need it AFAIK.

Are you sure that your basic problem with OSX isn't simply that you are
trying to turn it into an X11 workstation running OpenSource apps ? Thats
bound to be difficult and extremely painful - any time to try and shoehorn
stuff into a place it wasn't designed for then you are going to get a bad
impression of it.

I think you'll find that if you use it as a Mac and run Mac stuff then
you will have a far easier life and like it a lot more than if you try and
turn it into FreeBSD.

I bought my powerbook as a nice tool to wirelessly browse the web, use ssh
and write code (in 'vi', in a terminal window). It does an excellent
job at all three of those, and works much better as a laptop than the
Windows machine I had to get my girlfriend. I'd recommend it to anyone
with normal web/email requirements. However, if someone said they wanted to run
loads of Open Source X11 apps then I'd probably recomend that they get
an Open Source X11 based operating system instead oddly enough... 


PS: If it's any comfort, the amount of stress I have to go through to run
    open source apps designed for OSX/Cocoa on FreeBSD/X11 is probably
    far more unpleasent than this 'fink' thing you hate so much. :-)

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