Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Mon Jan 3 13:49:24 GMT 2005

> Speaking of flashing lights, the manual that comes with iBooks stresses
> that it's very important you don't move the iBook when the hard drive is
> being accessed.

????? Ugh! What kind of drive have they put in those ?! Isnt the
whole idea behind the 2.5's that you have do all sorts of fancy
gymnastics with them whilst they are spinning.

> It's nice that whilst in sleep mode they have that white pulsating LED
> on the front though - that very slowly drains the battery...

I guess they have to because PC laptops have them. The one on my
girlfriends Vaio is bright enough that if she leaves it in the bedroom
it actually keeps me awake and I need to go cover it with a towel.

Quick back of an envelope calculation says 160 hours to fully drain the
battery with a flashing white LED. Which is actally surprisingly fast.


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