Geoff Fox foxy at old-leigh.co.uk
Sun Jan 2 21:21:25 GMT 2005

>>> As for the iBook, I bought my (non-techie) parents one. They really 
>>> like
>>> it.
>> I'm pleaseed for them. They however, are not the type who are going to
>> miss keyboard shortcuts or get pissed off about DNS disappearing on 
>> all
>> wireless connectivity after a stint of using bluetooth -> GPRS as 
>> their
>> main form of connectvity. I bet they're nicer people than me as well.
>> They probably do not consider 'Fight Club' to be a classic film and
>> shout 'Fucking Tory!' at their friend's friends in a crowded curry 
>> house
>> whenever said friends indicate an interest in patriotism.
> Very true, their iBook is basically a glorified web browsing machine,
> but at least it doesn't run Windows. On another note, they've probably
> not even heard of fight club, but shouting "Fucking Tory" probably 
> isn't
> beyond them...

Glorified web browsing machine?
I bought my iBook in March last year. It's the best money i've ever 
spent, been glued to me ever since. Love it.
Even the basic iBook (like mine) can handle 16 tracks of digital audio 
with real time effects (reverb etc), running REAL pro audio apps (the 
reason I bought the thing in first place),  plus everything else one 
would need, and it's a *nix machine. Wouldn't swap it for the world.

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