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Paul Civati paul at
Wed Feb 23 12:14:35 GMT 2005

Jonathan Belson <jon at> wrote:

> Just to get some opinions: are there any advantages to using PHP over 
> Perl CGI for creating a web-based interface to an SQL database?  PHP 
> seems to get a lot more publicity, but I don't know if that's because 
> it's a better solution or because it's trendy ATM.

I think it's more of a language preference/advocacy question.

I find PHP easier to knock up quick web/SQL pages, but that doesn't
mean it's better..  and I've done enough to know the flaws in PHP.

That said, I find CGI to be rather 'old hat' now, if you want to do
perl then mod_perl would probably be the best way.

Whichever language, using a template engine to separate the 
code+content is recommended for anything medium to big in size IMO.

Like I say, more of an advocacy question. :)


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