Soft updates and power failure

David Baird dave at
Tue Feb 8 10:53:21 GMT 2005

I'd be interested in more information on this too. In my case, I was 
experiencing lockups with KDE, and had to power-cycle the machine on 
several occasions. A couple of times it came back up with filesystem 
errors and I had to run fsck on the affected filesystem - /tmp in both 
cases. This is on FBSD 5.3 RELEASE.


Henrik Morsing wrote:
> There was a power failure yesterday causing my whole street to black out
> including my Linux and FreeBSD server. The linux server came up fine once
> the power restore but the FreeBSD server didn't. Errors on three
> filesystems.
> This dissapoints me since the FreeBSD developers says that this shouldn't
> happen with soft updates and that it's much more stable than Linux'
> caching of meta data as well. Why did this happen and does FreeBSD have
> any plans to implement proper journaling?
> What can I do to avoid this in the future? I had no access to mail all day
> yesterday because I had to go to work before power came back.
> Henrik Morsing
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