Server motherboard suggestions

Alex Dyas alex.dyas at
Tue Dec 27 14:42:53 GMT 2005


I'm planning to build a rackable FreeBSD 6 server and having not paid
much attention to the hardware scene of late I'm wondering what is a
good motherboard choice.

I'm thinking :

- P4 (Socket 755)
- SATAII (pref * 4)
- At least one GB nic
- At least 4GB RAM
- IDE for a CDROM

FreeBSD friendly built-in RAID 1 and 5 would be nice, but if not I'm
hoping to make use of gmirror, or buy a separate controller.  A year ago 
the only SATA RAID controller I could find with good FreeBSD support was 
from Highpoint.  Maybe things have improved?

The server will be hosting a fairly standard Apache/PHP/PostgreSQL

So far the ASUS P5LD2 is looking good, as are the Gigabyte GA-81945P,
and the MSI 945P/955X Platinum.


-= Alex Dyas , UNIX , Interoute , Geneva =-

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