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Frank Shute frank at
Thu Dec 15 13:48:15 GMT 2005

I started work full-time in August and after having cleared some debts
I thought I'd treat myself to a new PC this Xmas. My 300MHz Celeron
works fine but it's a PITA if you want to build things like a browser.

Being idle, I wanted to buy a machine off the shelf but the offerings
were grim with some major manufacturers having particularly ghastly,
broken and uninformative websites (fujitsu-siemens *cough*).

So I decided to build it myself after doing a little bit of research.

I bought the bits:

Antec Sonata II case
Asus A8N-E motherboard
AMD Athlon64 3200+
Hitachi 250GB SATA "Deathstar"
Nvidia something graphics card (64MB)
3Com 3C905 NIC
Windows XP Home OEM

Total: I think it was ~£550 from Dabs

The bits went together great with some judicious use of epoxy.

Miracle of miracles it booted first time with everything working and
detected bar the onboard network card. No, I didn't have to slaughter
any chickens to achieve this :)

Windows installed fine. Took about an hour.

FreeBSD 5.4 was quicker to install but I fouled up my
partitions/slices. I only created /, /usr and swap. No /var

/ is about 200Mb

My question: if I move /var/spool to /usr/var/spool and symlink it, is
there anything else in /var that is likely to grow big and fill up my
root partition?

The handbook recommends /var be 50Mb which seems small and / be 100Mb

BTW, for anybody else considering self-building; spend some money on
the case. It means an easier build with less chance of injury. (I only
sustained one small cut. Maybe the computer Gods where sated
by my blood.)

Other questions: What target do others with Athlons build for? i386,
i686 or Athlon? I want to run Java on this machine in the future.



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