a bit OT: which soho nat router

Chris Whitehouse chris at childeric.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 23:41:40 GMT 2005


I wonder if anyone can recommend a hardware modem/router/switch with 
wireless to share a 2Mb/s ADSL line. Most of them do NAT DHCP basic 
firewall etc but I am looking for one which will allow me to allocate 
bandwidth by giving anything on the ethernet ports priority and allowing 
the wireless connection full bandwidth when the ethernet ports are not 
using it. 4 ports is plenty, budget is restricted and for various 
reasons a pc based router is not an option.

Something with BSD inside would be icing on the cake

I found this one http://www.netgear.com/products/details/DG834G.php 
which has a stateful packet inspection firewall but reading the manual I 
couldn't see what I wanted (and I'm not quite sure what stateful packet 
inspection does :( ).

Hopefully someone here will be able to tell me exactly what I need to 
know but if not is this question too off topic to post on 
freebsd-questions@ ? Or can anyone recommend a better place to ask?



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