London user group alive?

Chris chris at
Fri Aug 19 21:24:21 BST 2005

Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 10:09:14PM +0100, Chris wrote:

>>Personally I hate beer and beer hates me so we keep well apart but if 
>>people prefer a pub that's fine with me.
> You are Sam Smith in disguise and I claim my five pounds. (*)

I always thought I was in disguise, I just didn't know who as :)

> I'd suggest you meet where you've agreed to meet, then decide if that's
> a great venue or if you all want to move to an excellent pub round the
> corner or something in future. Just trust me that a regular 'first
> Wednesday' date and venue are a must if you want to turn it into a deent
> monthly meetup.

I think you're right - regular venue and date, even if we move later it 
hopefully will serve to get something going.


By the way, if anyone is coming from Manchester and would be willing to 
transport a bicycle wheel i'd be very grateful. Email me off list, 
thanks very much.

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