London user group alive?

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Aug 18 09:05:27 BST 2005

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 10:09:14PM +0100, Chris wrote:

> >>But that's not a pub. It's a theatre with a cafe.
> It's actually a social centre and doesn't strictly have a cafe though 
> people put on food for some events. I'd be very interested to know where 
> you got that description.

A very quick scan-read of their website. It talked much about arts
projects and little about fine belgian bottled lagers. I drew my own

> Personally I hate beer and beer hates me so we keep well apart but if 
> people prefer a pub that's fine with me.

You are Sam Smith in disguise and I claim my five pounds. (*)

There are many reasons for doing meets in pubs, including:

1. Pubs are very easy to find
2. Most pubs either do food or are very near to food which is a bonus
3. At no point is anybody tempted to setup a projector and give a
presentation on the use of Linux on the Star Trek set (a la LUGs, I'm
4. Because people are used to going to pubs (mostly), that little
barrier people go through when deciding to turn up is lowered a little.
It's easier to justify to the missus too - "I'm going to the pub to meet
some mates" is easier to get by than "I'm going to a meeting of BSD
fanatics in a social centre..." 

Still, although Manchester BSDUG is held in a very decent bar that isn't
too busy and doesn't show sports (always a +ive for BSDUGers), it
doesn't mean any other BSDUG has to follow suit... 

I'd suggest you meet where you've agreed to meet, then decide if that's
a great venue or if you all want to move to an excellent pub round the
corner or something in future. Just trust me that a regular 'first
Wednesday' date and venue are a must if you want to turn it into a deent
monthly meetup.

(*) Sam also does not like booze. How I talked him into the whole
meeting in a pub thing, I'm not sure... 

Paul Robinson

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