London user group alive?

Chris chris at
Tue Aug 16 22:09:14 BST 2005

Tony Finch wrote:
 > On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Paul Robinson wrote:
 >>On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 08:37:33PM +0100, Chris wrote:
 >>>How's about an initial meeting next week, say Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17
 >>>or Thurs 18 around 7pm. I need to check with the place but should be ok.
 >>>Address is 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (off commerical road).
 >>But that's not a pub. It's a theatre with a cafe.

It's actually a social centre and doesn't strictly have a cafe though 
people put on food for some events. I'd be very interested to know where 
you got that description.

 > Does that mean there's no booze? How can you have a sober geek meet?

There isn't a bar but there's a dodgy cut price 'off-licence' a few 
doors away.

Personally I hate beer and beer hates me so we keep well apart but if 
people prefer a pub that's fine with me.


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