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Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Aug 11 12:47:43 BST 2005

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 12:12:10PM +0100, Michael Davies wrote:

> As a member of Manchester BSD I would like to point out that beer is  
> a requirement ;P

<rant topic="MikeIsALightweight">

You don't drink beer! You drink bottles of Mexican wee with slices of
lime in the neck! This wouldn't be so bad if it was all that was
available, but with MY OWN EYES I have witnessed this atrocity in a bar
selling draught Budvar, Krombacher, San Miguel, bottles of Belgian
premium lagers, ales from all over the country, and when I ask you what
you'd like... 'bottle of corona with a slice of lime in the neck'.


Perhaps the Londoners will succeed where Kro2/Sandbar failed. :-)

Anyway, I reckon there are *at least* 7 people in London up for meeting
up. I know some of the #freebsduk crowd will be, there have been
mentions on here recently and in the past, and it all seems to have been
a case of arguing as to where/when it would happen.

So, choose a date - first Tuesday of the month works up here (although
all the dates for the future on the Website suggest it has changed to
first Thursday, I think that is Sam Smith misreading his calendar) and
then choose a venue that is not too noisy, not too crowded, decent beer,
food if needed (or at least nearby), etc. and then just announce it.

It's what Sam did. He just announced it. We all turned up. It worked.
We're still doing it 3 years later. Tip 1: IGNORE the people who say 'I
think we should have it [here]' and just say, 'Look, let's get started,
and in a couple of months we'll see who the regulars are and then change
venue if we want to'. Only way it'll work...

The one thing you don't want to do is have it all LUG-y with slides and
presentations on building an apache server out of your Netgear router or
how you will get a girlfriend through your sublime interpretation of the
GPL, whilst the rest of the room is wondering why you're dressed as a

OK, that's harsh, but you know, accurate... :-)

Paul Robinson

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