Recommendations for adsl modems/firewall?

Edd Barrett vext01 at
Mon Aug 8 10:39:38 BST 2005

On 08/08/05, Jonathan Belson <jon at> wrote:
> Hiya
> I need to set up a server for remote access, and I'm looking at options
> for a modem/firewall box. I see that there are ADSL modems with some
> degree of firewall capability, so I'm looking for recommendations of
> hardware that people have had experience with.
> The important services are http[s], ssh and cvs (although come to think
> of it, cvsnt supports tunnelling over ssh); no internal hosts are
> planned yet.
> Regards,
> --Jon
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I have a dlink adsl modem connected to a wireless acess point/router.
You can get this bagged up into one box now. You could prolly pick one
up for =A330 on ebay and it should do what you are asking. Generally the

Basically it drops all in unless you specify what they call a "virtual
server" which is basically port forwarding.

If you need more filtering capabilities than that, then I wouldnt buy
an appliance, but instead get an old p133 and install openbsd on it.



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