BSD is dying

Gerald Davies gerald.davies at
Thu Aug 4 10:36:30 BST 2005

On 8/4/05, Frank Shute :
> Have you ever had a look at Linux mailing lists & newsgroups?! They're
> stuffed full of trolls & lamers & people reading tea-leaves (the GPL)
> and giving their interpretation.
> We're the model of sanity in comparison :)

frank, i don't often post, but as mentioned i've enjoyed this thread -
i did wonder what had happened to all the subscribers :)

you mention some of the problems with linux, but then the thread is
about why bsd is dying and therefore it doesn't really make sense.=20
you're kind of preaching to the converted as most users on this list
will be advocates of bsd.  if linux has so many problems then why are
people using it?  i don't think you can say that so many people have
it wrong - to me it's just different :)

surely, the problems you mention will arise due to the sheer number of
linux users.  if users keep migrating and/or starting out with linux
or osx then your model of sanity in the bsd world (aside from osx)
won't exist for very long.  OTOH, i started out with linux and then
started using bsd for specific tasks :)

i'm not sure exactly what has to change with things like freebsd - as
mentioned the license, the development, etc.  if these things changed
then bsd would just become another linux :)  it's a tough one.  i
haven't looked too much into what apple did, but i would be

perhaps you need to figure out how to solve the bsd problem rather
than the linux one!

and yes i do want a pretty mac as a desktop :D


Gerald Davies

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