BSD is dying

Gerald Davies gerald.davies at
Thu Aug 4 00:08:32 BST 2005

On 8/3/05, Dominic Marks <dom at> wrote:
> Sounds like you don't have any answers to the problems I posed.

i've read this thread with amusement at some of the comments re why
bsd seems to be dying, etc.  some of the comments are so out of touch
with reality, but i don't want to get into a "my OS is better than
yours" because i think bsd has it's place.

not all pre-compiled stuff and package management on linux is bad.=20
linux isn't just ahead of bsd because of publicity.  people choose
linux for a lot of other reasons - licensing, support, hardware
compatibility, application specific issues, etc.

most of the people i know using powerbooks, etc, do so just for the
desktop.  they connect to our linux clusters to do real work.
> As for where I work, I don't choose my employers by the OS they run.
> Call me weird if you will.

i'm not aiming this at you, but i cannot stand it when individuals
moan about their employers and their practices.  i always look for
what i want out a job rather than what is in it for the employer.=20
sometimes it's best to move on if you don't see eye to eye.  i haven't
done too badly so far either ;)


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