BSD is dying

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Mon Aug 1 11:59:13 BST 2005

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> > > Ports is no more inconvenient than a Gentoo install.
> But sometimes when you just want things to work, you dont have time to
> compile things for hours. Although some binary pkg's are available, if
> you do a portupgrade and tell it to use pkg's only (ie. no compiling).
> It can never find the pkg. Perhaps more out of the box binary pkging
> might encourage usage?
> Perhaps what I'm saying is:
> Enthusiasts like to compile things.
> Business just wants it to work... now.... What ? I have to cvsup
> ports, and compile everything? Why don't we just use debian? (no i
> don't, but thats what I imagine IT managers would be saying right now)
> Thoughts?
> Edd

Get the best of both worlds. I believe the *BSDs are more suited to server
rather than desktop roles but that's just me


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