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Frank Shute frank at
Mon Aug 1 11:43:24 BST 2005

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 09:38:53AM +0100, Edd Barrett wrote:
> > > Ports is no more inconvenient than a Gentoo install.
> But sometimes when you just want things to work, you dont have time to
> compile things for hours. Although some binary pkg's are available, if
> you do a portupgrade and tell it to use pkg's only (ie. no compiling).
> It can never find the pkg. Perhaps more out of the box binary pkging
> might encourage usage?
> Perhaps what I'm saying is:
> Enthusiasts like to compile things.
> Business just wants it to work... now.... What ? I have to cvsup
> ports, and compile everything? Why don't we just use debian? (no i
> don't, but thats what I imagine IT managers would be saying right now)
> Thoughts?
> Edd

My thoughts on this binary packages v compiling ports business.

Packages are all very well when you are using a commercial OS such as
Solaris, Aix, OSX where they test a limited number of packages and
make sure they work with the base system.

With an OS like Freebsd or Linux where the thing is a constantly
moving target, this is near impossible. Especially with something with
lots of dependencies like Mozilla. You just end up with dependency

My experiences with RedHat suggests that using packages is a disaster
with Linux. They only have rpm's for a limited number of softs and if
you want to use Qmail instead of Sendmail for instance you inevitably
end up compiling and you end up with a bitsa box.

As for going from RedHat 6.2 to 7.2 using the binary upgrade route,
this leaves you with all sorts of brokenness.

Hence, it doesn't become packages v compiling it is actually broken v

I don't compile because I like doing so (on this slow machine ?!), I
do it because I like minimal hassle.

So to those who whish for a system that uses packages, I say, don't
wish for it or we might just get it & you wont like it! :)



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