BSD is dying

David Gerard fun at
Mon Aug 1 09:27:36 BST 2005

Matt Grice (mcjgrice at [050801 08:25]:

> Well, I've just scrapped Linux on my Thinkpad T22 'cos Linux can't
> handle ACPI on this particular baby - FreeBSD can, so it got the job.
> Ports is no more inconvenient than a Gentoo install.
> FreeBSD (In this case) Just Works (TM). Linux doesn't.

Huh, and I was seriously considering a T42 for my Ubuntu box ;-)

I love Ubuntu as long as I can forget Linux is underneath. I was forcibly
reminded of it last night when I broke GRUB (entirely through my own
ineptutide, I should add). I'm still trying to get it back to bootable
condition. Gah.

(I could wipe and reinstall and that'd fix it - I'd only lose a day's
effort - but that's so ... Windowsy. And I got into this one, I should be
able to get out of it. See .)

> Don't get me wrong - I run Linux on my main boxen, where acpi/apm
> isn't  problem. For all of my everyday work, Linux is King. It just
> can't cut the mustard on my lappy.

Hah! The other reason I want to get myself out of this one is that I have a
job interview on Tuesday in a Debian shop, and it occurs to me that getting
out of a severe GRUB foulup is Experience ;-)

- d.

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