BCS membership

Ben Tyson-Norrman ben at twowaytv.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 15:12:47 BST 2005

I went for the interview (in the old days) and that was a scarey experience...

Now I can't really get the energy together to do the next part, the whole thesis thing, 20,000 
words is rather scaring me off :-)

At the end of it I would be a Chartered IT Practioner, question is, would anyone take me remotely 
seriously....? Does that mean I'm trying to claim to be on the same level as a Chartered Accountant 
/ Surveyor...?

Would be interested to know what other options there are, that are not commercial (i.e. not MCSE, 
CCNP) maybe there is room for a new acreditation, G33k, with appropriate ways of getting it...?

Ben Tyson-Norrman
DTV / IT Manager
GNUPG KEY: 82D04531

Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 02:59:31PM +0100, Ben Tyson-Norrman wrote:
>>Yep I am, contact me off list and we'll see what we can come up with - not 
>>sure of its value or not, however no harm in having that extra string....
> I've vouched for friends wishing to join in the past in terms of their
> professional expertise/experience, but never seen the benefit. In fact
> the guys I know who are really into it are the kind of guys who do
> Rotary club and would be Freemasons if they could which just turns me
> off the idea even more. I'm sure it is a valid and valuable professional
> membership, but I can't help think it has the air of a circle jerk about
> it.
> Yes, I know, I'm horrible, aren't I?
> If there is anybody out there with genuinely positive experiences of it
> all and they think it's really helped their career, then let me know
> becase I'd be interested for professional reasons (I work for a body
> interested in professional accreditation and personal development of
> those working in the IT sector).

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