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Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Thu Apr 21 22:46:01 BST 2005

Ah it's all trickling back, seems my 12 months was a bit out though more
like 3 years from your dates. Oh well they do say time goes faster when you
get old :P


On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 20:13:00 +0100, "Kevin O'Connor"
<kevin at> wrote:
> FreeBSD Services Ltd
> They have not been active for over 12 months but the domain is still
> registered, it was someone on this list but the name won't come to me
> now.

It was Paul Richards, Mark Murray & I.  I left in April 2002 just
after Mark, and I think Paul pretty much wrapped most things up
in the months following.

I believe Paul gave the domain(s) to Roger McCalman about eight months
ago as he wasn't getting enough time in his day job to play admin...

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