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      As promised here's what's dead. I can only find two outlets in the UK
doing the FreeBSD distro :( We really do need to raise the profile of this


D. Grant-Crawley Ltd.
No longer sell the stuff they have moved over to managed services

FreeBSD Services Ltd
They have not been active for over 12 months but the domain is still
registered, it was someone on this list but the name won't come to me right

Definite Linux Systems
Defuncted no whois entry

Their selling the CDs for FreeBSD and a few flavors of Linux

ChyGwyn Limited
Are selling the book and Cds and various flavors of Linux

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Would someone like to have a go at updating this list?

I can make relevant changes on the website, if someone 
checks links and has suggestions of new ones.


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content : Hi Guys

Just a friendly note to say that the 'definate linux systems' link appears
be dead and the 'freebsd-services link ends up going else where.

Best wishes
Andy - Southampton
Still unsure if FreeBsd is for me :)

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