pcmcia modem cards

Frank Shute frank at esperance-linux.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 00:33:59 BST 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 08:10:01PM +0100, Gerald Davies wrote:
> Hi all,
> Are there any compatible pcmcia modem cards that work with fbsd?  I
> looked on the hardware pages, but wasn't too sure - it mentions xircom
> cards, but the xe driver only supports the ethernet part of the card,
> which is fair enough, but i want the modem more than anything.
> Cheers, g

Have a grovel through /etc/defaults/pccard.conf searching for "modem".
There's a good deal of Xircom stuff listed in there amongst others.

I've got an internal modem on my laptop and it works fine with ltmdm
out of ports (it's a sort of bundled Lucent driver and wrapper).

The other technique I use to check supported hardware is google for
"FreeBSD <weird_hardware>". There's usually a result from one of the
mailing lists.



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