pcmcia modem cards

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Apr 13 21:59:49 BST 2005

> Are there any compatible pcmcia modem cards that work with fbsd?  I
> looked on the hardware pages, but wasn't too sure - it mentions xircom
> cards, but the xe driver only supports the ethernet part of the card,
> which is fair enough, but i want the modem more than anything.

I have one of the Hayes Accura cards - branded as Zoom - but the
important thing is that it's got a DSP inside it and isnt a winmodem.
Boot it up in FreeBSD 5 and it looks like a serial port - I can tip
onto it, get a respons efrom 'at' and dial phone numbers just like any
standard external serial modem. Havent made a data call with it from
FreeBSD admittedly, but I would be it works as it does all the dialing
and nogotiatijng stuff fine.

Mine is model 3057. This one....



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