Scalable Mail Server

Mark Stewart technical at
Wed Apr 13 20:31:35 BST 2005

Hi - not exactly sure about the tin but I have setup a freebsd mail relay
handling 20 - 30 thousand emails a day using intel hardware. I decided
against load balancing and set up 4 identical servers and setup MX relay for
the domain which pointed to the servers in order, then set the max processes
allowed for sendmail on each server (so the server doesn't crash) and when
one box maxed out the next server in the order of the mx record was used.

I used a separate server to do the a/v checking shared by the boxes, once
checked the mail was passed to the exchange server :(

Just thought I would share one solution, not sure if this is the standard
way of doing things but it worked and still works for me.


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Sorry, one other bit of crucial info is, the setup will also be doing 
antispam & a/v checking, I dont have exact figures on how many mailboxes 
but have been told as a rough estimate of 2000.


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