Matlab on FreeBSD

Timothy Borgeaud tim.borgeaud at
Tue Sep 28 12:02:35 BST 2004

dmlb at wrote:

>>On Tue, 2004-09-28, Timothy Borgeaud wrote:
>>I'd be happy to help figure out how a particular version of Matlab
>>could be made to work on FreeBSD. However it would only be of
>>marginal use to me unless I could always rely on a hassle free install.
>Are you aware that R12 runs fine on FreeBSD (well with a patch to 4.6 that
>eventually made it into the tree last March
> I haven't tried R13 or
>R14 as yet. I don't remember R12 install being too difficult though.
Yes. Unfortunately there seem to be issues with the install scripts and 
the linux compatibility stuff (I'm using linux_base-8-8.0_4 on 5.2.1). 
Lots of problems with lines like:

if [ `expr "$lscmd" : '.*->.*'` -ne 0 ]; then

These issues, along with the java compatibility and pty's etc, seem to 
make it unlikely
that I could rely on further releases to work. FreeBSD just wouldn't be 
a suitable platform if a new release just won't work (within a short 
period of time from release).


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