Matlab on FreeBSD

dmlb at dmlb at
Tue Sep 28 11:41:43 BST 2004

>On Tue, 2004-09-28, Timothy Borgeaud wrote:

> Some of my responsibilities at work concern support for in-house
> Matlab applications and also the management of our Matlab installations.
> Currently most software runs on Sparc Solaris workstations.
> What I'd like is a nice straightforward install of Matlab on FreeBSD
> so that FreeBSD becomes another possible platform on which serious
> software could be run.
> I'd be happy to help figure out how a particular version of Matlab
> could be made to work on FreeBSD. However it would only be of
> marginal use to me unless I could always rely on a hassle free install.

Are you aware that R12 runs fine on FreeBSD (well with a patch to 4.6 that
eventually made it into the tree last March I haven't tried R13 or
R14 as yet. I don't remember R12 install being too difficult though.


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