Matlab on FreeBSD

Timothy Borgeaud tim.borgeaud at
Fri Sep 24 13:40:24 BST 2004

Jon Schneider wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 16:38, Timothy Borgeaud wrote:
>>Does anyone on the list use Matlab on FreeBSD?
>Have you looked at Octave ?
Some of my responsibilities at work concern support for in-house
Matlab applications and also the management of our Matlab installations.
Currently most software runs on Sparc Solaris workstations.

What I'd like is a nice straightforward install of Matlab on FreeBSD
so that FreeBSD becomes another possible platform on which serious
software could be run.

I'd be happy to help figure out how a particular version of Matlab
could be made to work on FreeBSD. However it would only be of
marginal use to me unless I could always rely on a hassle free install.

I'm not exactly surprised that Mathworks are reluctant to support yet
another platform. But, in my opinion, FreeBSD makes a more
maintainable/reliable/stable platform than Linux for the kind of
institutions that I imagine use Matlab. It's a shame that mathworks
can't be persuaded that its worth supporting natively, or at least
to make sure that the Linux install is as 'portable' and system
independent/unspecific as possible.


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