Matlab on FreeBSD

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Thu Sep 23 17:36:43 BST 2004

I know it was sort of broke under Linux_base_7 with R13.
There was something about it on muc.lists.freebsd.emulation  I'd be inclined
to post there for pointers.

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>Does anyone on the list use Matlab on FreeBSD?
>I'm playing around with R14 but the installation scripts don't seem to
>be particularly
>compatible with the linux compat sh (linux_base-8 on FreeBSD 5.2.1).
>I'm not yet a real user of Matlab and I expect that I'll end up using
>the Suns that we have
>here for any Matlab work that I need to do. But it would be nice to get
>a native (or near native) version of matlab so that I could have the
>option of running it on a faster and
>generally easier to use FreeBSD workstation.
>So if anyone has any ideas or knows what the state of play is with
>matlab on FreeBSD
>(and any support from mathworks for FreeBSD) let me know.
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