Matlab on FreeBSD

Timothy Borgeaud tim.borgeaud at
Thu Sep 23 16:38:16 BST 2004

Does anyone on the list use Matlab on FreeBSD?

I'm playing around with R14 but the installation scripts don't seem to 
be particularly
compatible with the linux compat sh (linux_base-8 on FreeBSD 5.2.1).

I'm not yet a real user of Matlab and I expect that I'll end up using 
the Suns that we have
here for any Matlab work that I need to do. But it would be nice to get 
a native (or near native) version of matlab so that I could have the 
option of running it on a faster and
generally easier to use FreeBSD workstation.

So if anyone has any ideas or knows what the state of play is with 
matlab on FreeBSD
(and any support from mathworks for FreeBSD) let me know.


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