SiS83C601 hard disk controller not found

Chris Whitehouse chris at
Wed Sep 15 03:22:35 BST 2004

15/09/04 10:44:36, "Edmonds, Alan" <Alan.Edmonds at> wrote:

>Make sure the disk is the master IDE device on the primary controller.
>I think that makes a difference to FreeBSD (or it did).

Yes it is as far as I can see. The BIOS doesn't say much but I installed linux and the hard disk shows up as hda and the cdrom is hdc.


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>Hi all
>I am trying to install freebsd on an old laptop but sysinstall can't see the hard disk. The machine is a Pico 6200AT - I'm pretty sure it's a rebadged Clevo 6200AT.  It 
doesn't boot from CD so I'm booting from floppies 
>using kern.flp and mfsroot.flp. When I try to set up a partition I get "No disks found! Please verify that your disk controller is being properly probed at boot time. ..."

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