Any meetings in London

Pete French pete at
Wed Sep 15 11:45:08 BST 2004

> In fact, I don't think we'd get much done at all. And I suspect we'd look a 
> bit out of place. But the rest of the BSD community around the world would 
> look at us in awe... "I heard they have their meetings in stripper clubs and 

Heh. Actually I think we would fall foul of the dress code and not be
allowed in the door (well, I think I would). Something very ironic about
not being able to get into a strip club unless properly dressed I always

> was working on my pr submission whilst snorting coke off a stripper's 
> breasts..."

"Sex and Drugs and BSD", I am visualising the t-shirts now...

> Perhaps a decent pub/restaurant with WiFi would serve the purpose better.

Does anyone know of such a thing ? I never managed to find a decent coffee bar
with wi-fi never mind a restaurant. Mind you, maybe we should all be talking to
each other rather than checking our email at a social event :-)


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