Offline Dirs

Lee Brotherston lee at
Thu Sep 2 21:16:35 BST 2004


Just hoping to tap the collective knowledge pool for this.  I'm trying 
to think of a way to have a directory that I can access as per usual on 
a laptop when off-line or on a remote network, etc.  But that will sync 
up with a samba or nfs share when sat on the home network (both versions 
of the file will not change simultaneously so there is no need for 
merging or anything, timestamps would suffice).

I've seen something like this on windows... However none of my machines 
run windows so that's not much use ;)

The closest I've come is thinking of writing some nasty scripts for 
rsync, but that doesn't seem a very elegant solution.

Any ideas gladly accepted :)



Lee Brotherston - <lee at>

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