OT: do you know of a company or software provider...

Dave Tiger dave at tigeri.com
Thu Sep 2 09:29:29 BST 2004

Hi List,

Sorry for being way OT but I thought I would ask the list if anyone =
knows of
a software solution, preferably FreeBSD based, that is specifically =
to the wholesale meat trade in the UK.

What I need is a solution for ordering, stock management, customer
management, accounts, invoicing and all the other usual stuff but it =
must me
able to do nationwide WAN. The company I am looking into this for is =
national with a central distrib / manufacturing office and satellite =
offices and "Sage / Windows" just wont cope or do what is needed, =

If anyone has any pointers or urls for UK based companies that might be =
to help I would appreciate the info.

I don=92t have to long to find a solution, do we ever, so I plead for =
any help
you may give.

There is an option for creating a bespoke system, maybe web based which =
get over the WAN bit,=20

Again I sincerely apologise for be off topic for this list but if I =

UK Web Hosting @ http://www.ephgroup.com =20

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