freebsd as a wireless access point

adrian johnson eyewarp at
Wed Oct 27 21:06:00 BST 2004


don't know if any one can help?

i am trying to setup a space pc (freebsd 4.10) as a wireless access point. i 
have a USR805416 pci card which i believe has a PRISM chipset.

i foud an article "how to build a wireless access point with freebsd" and 
have followed these instruction.

i have recompiled my kernel with

options BRIDGE - added this line
device  miibus
device  fxp
device  wi - added this line

(the other two line were alredy there)

however, the wi0 card is never found, instead i have a faith0.

i cannot see the card in ./sysinstall either.

any idea how to get this card working or at least get freebsd to see it.

when i try to create a bridge between the two network cards, sis0 is my 
other one, i get the error message "faith0 is not an ethernet"



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