Cyrus IMAP hates me

Nik Clayton nik at
Mon Oct 25 23:07:17 BST 2004

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On 22 Oct 2004, at 12:07, Sam wrote:
> Which is true (there is no mailbox called 'Sam', it's 'sam') but not
> very helpful. We Googled a bit and found a few people who recommended
> putting
>         'lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes'
> in imapd.conf, so we did this, restarted imapd, and... nothing 
> happened.
> Anybody else run up against this apparently braindead behaviour? Or 
> have
> we missed something

Cyrus is at least partially correct.  The left hand side of an e-mail 
address should be treated in a case-preserving fashion as the message 
crosses the Internet.  It's up to the final delivery system to 
determine whether or not case is significant.

You say you found the imapd.conf entry through Google.  Have you 
verified that that option is documented in the imapd.conf(5) manual 
page for the version of Cyrus that you're running?  It may be that it 
didn't appear until a later version.  If nothing else, you've got the 
code, so you can always search through that and make sure that the 
configuration option actually has code associated with it.


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