Tiscali Broadband / Sagem F at st 800 modem (R. W.)

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 23:45:17 BST 2004

>Given my recent problems getting bridging over Ethernet with an ethernet 
>modem (D-Line 300T) I would recommend anything OTHER than an ethernet based 
>It works fine well and dandy with MS Xp - and once running under BSD works 
>fine - till it drops... then wont seem to restart without re-plugging it 
>back into an XP box!
>Not a helpful statement - I know - but hey its the way Im feeling right now 
>about ADSL and in general the way ADSL modem manufacturers simply provide 
>no support whatsoever for anything other than M$.

A couple of months back I posted about that modem to my blog (which is down 
atm), I spent a whole night trying to get the poxy thing to remember its 
setting & for some reason the date always reverted back to 1970 aswell?!!!

totally useless product

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