Bittorrent and NAT

Jonathan Belson jon at
Thu Oct 14 09:56:44 BST 2004


> I can tell you for sure that ntl aren't filtering traffic on any of those
> ports.

Thanks, that's useful to know.

> I use Azureus on Windows (haven't tried it on FreeBSD yet), and am
> nat'd behind my ADSL router. I must say though, I've never had any
> problems with other users uploading of me or me downloading of them -
> it just seems to ``work very well'' - there is no port forwarding on
> my router to ANY of the bit torrent ports.

You can certainly download without port forwarding, but (according to
the azureus documentation) your download speed will be limited if
other machines can't connect to you.

When you're downloading, do you get a yellow smiley or a green one?
Green smileys mean that you can be connected to from outside, and
(in theory) you should get better transfer rates.

> PS - I'm sure you've already checked, but have you changed any of the
> settings in the configuration part of Azureus?

I used the defaults to begin with, but experimented to try and improve



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