Bittorrent and NAT

David Jenkins david.jenkins at
Wed Oct 13 20:00:46 BST 2004

Hi Jonathan,

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:39:53 +0100 (BST), Jonathan Belson
<jon at> wrote:
> >> That's quite similar to what I have here, but Azereus is still
> >> showing me the yellow not-so-happy smiley rather than the beaming
> >> green one (indicates NAT problems, apparently). And my download
> >> speeds suck, too.
> >
> > Did you try telnetting in from otuside and making sure you can get
> > a connection at least ? Thats the first thing I try...
> I can't telnet in from an external account.  I did find the following
> link though, which suggests that NTL are interfering with BT data:
> Not sure if it's true, but it would explain the problem if it is.

I can tell you for sure that ntl aren't filtering traffic on any of those ports.

> I'm using:
> /sbin/natd -interface xl0 -redirect_port tcp 6881-6889
> (I've used 6881-6999 too, it didn't make any difference).
> I shouldnt need to tweak my firewall rules, should I?  My config is based
> on rc.firewall 'client'; the natd redirect is straight after the rules
> to prevent IP spoofing.

I use Azureus on Windows (haven't tried it on FreeBSD yet), and am
nat'd behind my ADSL router. I must say though, I've never had any
problems with other users uploading of me or me downloading of them -
it just seems to ``work very well'' - there is no port forwarding on
my router to ANY of the bit torrent ports.

PS - I'm sure you've already checked, but have you changed any of the
settings in the configuration part of Azureus?

If you want, I'll sniff the traffic generated on my Windows machine 
when downloading/uploading so you can get a better idea of what
exactly is happening?

Let me know.


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