Bittorrent and NAT

Jonathan Belson jon at
Wed Oct 13 16:39:53 BST 2004

>> That's quite similar to what I have here, but Azereus is still
>> showing me the yellow not-so-happy smiley rather than the beaming
>> green one (indicates NAT problems, apparently). And my download
>> speeds suck, too.
> Did you try telnetting in from otuside and making sure you can get
> a connection at least ? Thats the first thing I try...

I can't telnet in from an external account.  I did find the following
link though, which suggests that NTL are interfering with BT data:

Not sure if it's true, but it would explain the problem if it is.

I'm using:

/sbin/natd -interface xl0 -redirect_port tcp 6881-6889

(I've used 6881-6999 too, it didn't make any difference).

I shouldnt need to tweak my firewall rules, should I?  My config is based
on rc.firewall 'client'; the natd redirect is straight after the rules
to prevent IP spoofing.



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