Bittorrent and NAT

Pete French pete at
Wed Oct 13 11:03:36 BST 2004

> Anyone managed to get bittorrent port forwarding to work?

I have it working with natd - I just forward the approrpiate port range
throught o the windows box running bittorrent. Same with Overnet and
any other P2P software I might want to run. The rc.conf looks like:

natd_flags="    -redirect_port tcp 31882 \
                -redirect_port udp 31883 \
                -redirect_port tcp 2234 \
                -redirect_port tcp 5534 \
                -redirect_port tcp 6881-6999"

I think its the last bit which is the bittorrent stuff. I cant really
remember which ports are for what software anymore :-) The windows
box is (obviosuly) the machine.


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