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Tue Oct 12 10:03:47 BST 2004

There are still a few places left on this if you're interested.


UKUUG TUTORIAL - Building an Enterprise Logging Infrastructure

Where: Marlbrough Hotel, London, WC1
When: Thursday, 14 October 2004

*** Limited places still available for members and non-members ***

UKUUG - the UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group - is pleased to
announce the latest in its series of technical tutorials.  We have
invited Tina Bird, Computer Security Officer for Stanford University,
to the UK to deliver a Logging and Security tutorial in London.

This tutorial will be of interest to system administrators and network
managers responsible for monitoring and maintaining the health and
well-being of computers and network devices in an enterprise
environment.  You will learn about the importance of a network-wide
centralized logging infrastructure, several approaches to monitoring
audit logs, and the types of information and forensics that can be
obtained with well-managed logging systems.

Every device on your network - routers, servers, firewalls,
application software - spits out millions of lines of audit
information a day.  Hidden within the data that indicate normal
day-to-day operation (and known problems) are the first clues that
systems are breaking down, attackers are breaking in, and end users
are breaking up.  If you manage that data flow, you can run your
networks more effectively.

This tutorial will teach you how to build a log management
infrastructure, how to figure out what your log data means, and what
in the world you do with it once you've acquired it.

About the tutor:

Tina Bird works as a Computer Security Officer for Stanford
Unviersity.  She is moderator of the Log Analysis and VPN mailing
lists, and runs <> with Marcus J Ranum.  At
Stanford she works on the design and implementation of security
infrastructure for University systems; writing Security Alerts for
desktop and server machines on the 40000-host network; healthcare
information security & HIPAA compliance; and extending the
University's logging infrastructure.  She is the primary Stanford
representative for FIRST, the Forum of Incident Response and Security

About UKUUG:

UKUUG - the UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group - is a non-profit
organization and technical forum for the advocacy of open systems,
particularly Unix and Unix-like operating systems, the promotion of
free and open-source software, and the advancement of open programming
standards and networking protocols.

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